Hypospadiology is an ever evolving speciality. There has be major advances in the understanding of the normal development of the penis and urethra as well as the pathogenesis of hypospadias. Yet, there is still a lot to uncover and learn about the development of the urethra and the pathogenesis of hypospadias. In spite of more than 400 operations described for the correction of hypospadias, the ultimate goal of a normal functioning and looking penis has not been achieved. Boys born with hypospadias may need medical and surgical help not only at birth but also in their 60s and 70s.

There is a need to have a world forum where the East meets the West for the sake of our children and patients.
There is a need to promote and publish scientific research in the field of hypospadias. The International faculty for the Hypospadias world congress has been carefully chosen to cover the whole spectrum of the anomaly and provide excellent surgical experience and divergent surgical views regarding the surgical management of hypospadias.
Moscow is a vibrant exciting city in summer with lovely parks and churches. You will never forget the cultural events, the clubs and cafes and the beauty of Moscow.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all in August in Moscow, and to share with you the excellent scientific and social program in a friendly atmosphere.

Best regards,
The President of the Local organising commitee
prof. Dr. Asaad Matar